(Facebook Acquaintances List) How to make more Facebook Friends in [2020]

Facebook acquaintances are those type of friends on Facebook whom we can add in the special list other than normal friends list.

The Best part about adding a FB friend in the acquaintance list is, he/she couldn’t notified whenever you release something in your news feed, only you have to enable the privacy option of Friends except acquaintance to make the list into action.

Apart from that, there are many things you can do with that awesome feature.

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This article will answer all your questions related to acquaintances on Facebook so don’t go anywhere before grabbing the full information.

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What are Facebook acquaintances?

Facebook acquaintances are those peoples in your friends list which are not actual friends but the ones you works with like co-workers, family members, etc whom you don’t want to share your every post.

If we can make a separate list for those type of peoples, it will become easier for us to sort the persons according to our convenience and then there will be no extra comments or any weird reactions on your feed.

How to hide friends on Facebook?

How can I create an Acquaintances List on Facebook?

For adding Friends into this List-

If you want to add friends then make sure to check out the following 3 step procedure-

  1. On the left side of your news feed, tap see Friends List. If you are unable to pick up the option, click 👇 See More.Facebook Friends List
  2. Now you will find 4 types of list, click on Acquaintances.Different types of List on Facebook
  3. Start adding the friends those you want to get rid of.Adding Friends into Acquaintance list

Removing Friends from List-

  1. Likewise, adding friends, go to Acquaintances and click on manage list.
  2. Now edit and tap ❌ to remove the friends.
  3. Select done and enjoy!

Can Acquaintances see my posts on Facebook?

Yes, according to Facebook, if your privacy settings remain unchanged anybody can see your posts. But if you want to hide your stuff then you may do the custom settings- as Only Friends.

Moreover, you can selectively choose here between close friends, Friends except acquaintance, Friends of Friends and Public.

Difference between Friends and Acquaintances?

It’s very important to know about the ones you spend quality time and the ones you spend your time quantitatively. Quality always dominates quantity and it doesn’t matter with whom you are, its the matter just the way you are.

An acquaintance is the person whom we know and spend time occasionally knowing each other slightly and do not interact for a long time. Moreover, they are not supposed to help and easily break the bond during difficult situations.

On the Other hand, a friend is someone who is always there for you knowing all your little details you ever mention. The real buddies stick to your side during hard times like an octopus and keeps you climbing no matter what happens.

Can Acquaintances post on my wall?

Actually, there are two options. Either you can allow everyone to post on your time or simply no one. You need to choose one of them.

If you are thinking now that either they can see the posts in which you are tagged or not then ask from the person which is tagging you. If he/she has selected audience as his friends then it might not visible but if he/she selected public then everybody can see including acquaintances.

Any other questions regarding Facebook Acquaintances List?

I hope all your problems regarding acquaintances on Facebook list are solved now and you are able to know the difference between ally and Friend. If you are facing any problems now then feel free to comment because that stuff is not as simple as it seems to be.

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