Best TH 13 War attack strategies that help you in Clan Wars

Clash of Clans TH 13 Attacking Strategies

  1. Clone Dragloon attack

This striking technique is one of the most effective tactics and offers the innovative potential of a Clash of Clans 3-star attack in th13 war base. It is strongly recommended that an attack is never convenient to do after preparation. 

  1. The Witch Yeti attack

You can combine Yeti + Witch with several ice gulls as another common attack technique. You should have a queen walking/warden move while you’re at ease with queen walking to clear the outer units so you can put Yeti and Pekka inside.

  1. Combination of Hogs Queen Walk

In town hall 13, Hogs with an increase in level 10 were being used extensively in war attacks. This is a clever strategy, so you can basically end your strike with four heroes in the battle. When you use Queen Walk and your heroes, utilize your hogs to eliminate the defense systems such as Inferno, Scattershot, or Eagle Artillery. This helps the hogs to survive in the case of significant damage.

  • 4. The Laloon

This is old and inadequate for most of them since this technique is excessively applied. This is one of the techniques in Hall 13. However, that has an enormous potential to produce three stars.

These are all just suggestions. If you have any superior techniques, you must not follow these.

TH13 War Attacking Tips

In comparison to push and farming, the war attacks vary. You have a lot of time to worry about launching a strike on a base and imagine the mines, traps, etc. It is vital to select the right foundation defense strategy. Some adjustments can be followed, and there is no attack plan for all kinds of bases. It tracks how the attack is being organized, how your forces are going, how weak protection is being taken, etc. Here are some tips for effective war attacks:

  • Always ask for assistance. Just talk about another clan/internet attempt to learn more.
  • Do not adhere to an attack strategy, particularly in Town Hall 13, with a majority bases scattered, and even some actions can’t be taken seriously. Plan according to the opposition base.
  • Do not upgrade/heal any heroes for battle.
  • Don’t push troops early, remove distractive obstacles patiently, and then drive the troops there.
  • If you intend to target an already targeted base, see the previous action and think well about the plan and traps accordingly.
  • Your fighting troops and spells will now be maxed for Town Hall 13. Take several battle plans, then max them, troops, out.

Town Hall 13 Farming tips and strategies

  • The first stage of the townhall-13 uses a appropriate number of resources.
  • Remain in a lower league so you can easily plant, with dead frameworks that help you get more looting. Another benefit is that you are not always targeted and thus save your resources.
  • Ensure you are using a tank to distract enemy defenses from the foundation and loot the churns.
  • Try using a more affordable combo so you can take advantage of the loot.
  • Mass goblins were a traditional farming tactic. But the strength of the Wizard’s Towers and Mortars’ splash damage was not very effective.
  • In a league where dead foundations are not standard, try to prevent the mass Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins. It works for a spreading base, but it is not practical against higher town hall stages. This combo will quickly be taken down by even a dead town hall 13.
  • Goblins or Barch or Minions combine with Miners + queen walk might be another cheap tactic. Clearing any resources using the Queen Walk to remove enemy units using the miners and heroes. Bring soldiers such as Loons, Hogs, and Giants into your clan castle to distract the defense against the enemies and help plunder them.
  • Giants + Wiz + Goblins/Barch is indeed a powerful farming technique. Giants with Witch also gives you an Elixir-Dark and Elixir balance. The combination of forces within the resources will make it easy for you to efficiently farm all resources.
  • It is also an effective option to farm the activities and reduce the cost of soldiers. You have to raid with a cheaper force.

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