Common Courses that helps in Appearing in any Type of Exams

Every year, millions of students across India prepare and appear for various competitive exams. Securing the best quality guidance and study material is very crucial for a successful exam preparation, which at times becomes difficult for students to find.

Many exam preparation platforms have come up in recent times offering online coaching services to students through live coaching courses and other educational resources to help them prepare properly for their respective exams.

Though finding exam specific courses or study material online has now become simple, common courses online that are topic or subject specific like Mensuration 2 D course and not exam specific are still hard to find online. 

On that note, let’s talk about some of the best common courses that help you appear in any type of exams.

Common Courses for all exams


Complete Course on Mathematics -Part I, II and III

Unacademy is one of the best exam preparation platforms where you can find top quality exam preparation courses. One such course series for students preparing for Quantitative aptitude for any competitive exam is the Complete course on Mathematics series conducted by one of India’s top educators in Mathematics, Pawan Rao. The series comprises three courses i.e., Part-I, Part-II and Part-III. 

These courses are highly beneficial especially for students preparing for SSC and RRB exams. The entire quantitative aptitude syllabus asked in various exams has been divided into three parts to discuss each topic and the questions related to it in detail for better understanding of the learner.

Capsule Course on English Grammar & Vocabulary

This course offered by Unacademy deals with imparting knowledge of important tips and tricks for improving your grammar and vocabulary skills. Conducted by Hirender Singh Kushwah, the course will walk you through root grammar rules then help you understand more advanced grammar. 

Similarly, in the case of vocabulary, the course gives you knowledge of some commonly used root and new words and how to use them correctly through the use of newspapers. The course will be conducted in Hindi and the notes or teachers annotations will be provided in English language.


Data Interpretation – Concept Builder

This is an important course for any exam aspirant wanting to have a good on the Data Interpretation topic. The course has been curated by one of Testbook’s subject matter experts in Quantitative aptitude, Sumit Jaiswal and consists of video classes, quizzes and practice sets. 

This Data Interpretation Course has been designed to help you develop clarity of concepts, clear your doubts and practice exam level questions in data interpretation in various exams. 

Mensuration – 2 D – Score Booster

As the name suggests, this course will help you to boost your score in the quantitative aptitude section in any exam. The course deals with mensuration problems for all two dimensional figures which include triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium and circles. 

The Mensuration 2D Score Booster is a video course conducted by Testbook’s quant. Expert Vineet Singh and comprise video lessons, practise sets and quizzes. Through this, students can get a proper grip on various mensuration concepts and formulas and learn how to apply them to solve different questions in mensuration and thereby can score better in the quantitative aptitude section in any exam.

Grade up

Express Vocabulary Online Course for All Competitive Exam

This is one of the best English courses available online for students who want to develop good vocabulary skills. The course deals with around 5000 words, their roots, connections, visual ideas and memorizing and more.

The course comprises 400 plus record video sessions by an expert faculty in English and covers root as well as new words and discusses their synonyms, antonyms and usage.

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