InVideo: The Smartest Online Video Editing Tool

Today, there’s no site and no platform on the internet where you will not find videos. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok – these platforms will not be able to gain even half of their success if they do not have videos available for their viewers.

And the videos on these platforms are not just simple and plan shots anymore. Since there are not just businesses marketing their videos on these channels, individuals and professionals are using some of the most creative ways of giving the best possible results for their clips.

Be it a content creator, a vlogger, a meme page owner, or an individual that you are, you will definitely be aware that it is impossible to create top-quality videos without showing a few editing skills.

Possessing mere editing skills also will not help you in creating the best of videos. You will definitely have to use a good-quality video editor for making videos that steal the show online. There are many such tools available in the market, and we will be having a detailed look at InVideo.

InVideo: What is it?

InVideo is a highly convenient and easy-to-use online video editor users can access from almost any browser. This means that there is no need for the users to download or install this tool on their computers.

What is Invideo

Speaking of the practicalities, InVideo comes with some of the best features to help users transform their raw footage into top-quality shots. The only thing you need to do is upload the raw footage on the platform and start editing videos online.

The pre-made templates available with this platform make the procedure super easy. Plus, you get all the day-to-day tools and features you require for editing videos like a pro. And yes, some of the features available with this free tool are hard to find even on the paid editing platforms.

Best of all, it is incredibly easy to use this tool as it comes with a straight learning curve. It doesn’t really matter whether you want portrait or landscape visuals for your different social media channels.

InVideo will help you in creating and downloading different types of videos instantly and without going through any hassle. So, what are the different varieties of videos you can create using this incredible tool?

Let’s see!

Training Videos in the Corporate Sector

Nowadays, more and more companies are using training videos to help their employees better understand the organization and its work procedure. Employees also get work demonstrations through these videos relieving the HR department and the manager to concentrate on the other fields. The use of InVideo makes it very easy for organizations to create some of the greatest training videos for their employees.

Professional Video Presentations

Creating professional and top-class video presentations will get easy for you if you use InVideo. The tool is highly effective in creating video presentations for webinars, meetings, and conferences.

It even comes with features that can help organizations showcase their ideas most splendidly without going through any hassle. The best thing about InVideo’s functionalities is that you don’t need to be an experienced video maker and editor to use the tool.

Educational Videos

InVideo offers users the option of creating some of the most quality-based educational videos to serve as instruments of education. The educational videos created using the tool make way for smart teaching and learning techniques.

YouTube Intros and Outros

InVideo offers its users the option to be unique in the field of competition by helping them make the most innovative and creative YouTube intros and outros. With some of the most amazing templates, videos, and stock images, users of this platform can make exclusive introductions and outros for their YouTube channel.

And yes, you can even add good quality music to your intros and outros!

Facebook Stories and Videos

InVideo lets you create Facebook stories of the best quality lasting for 20 seconds. The platform can also be used for making Facebook videos that can be sufficiently long for presenting a wholesome idea.

These are just the basic video-making and editing options you get with InVideo. The tool can also be used for making Instagram Stories and Reels; How-To videos, Tutorials, Demo Videos, and everything in between.

Primary Features of InVideo

There are primary features that make InVideo the best video editing platform for users. The pre-made templates available on the platform are mind-blowing. They allow users to create almost any kind of video right from scratch. The users get three choices in this field. First, they get to use pre-made templates, allowing them easy access to 4000+ pre-made video shots. You can customize these templates as per your preference.

You have the option of adding text to the templates, altering their length, and even changing music. Then there is the Text to Video feature that organizations can use for converting articles into informative videos.

This option offers you the flexibility of adding significant points from an article in text form for creating relevant videos. Then there’s Blank Canvas that allows users to start making videos right from scratch.

Bottom Line

There are very few online editing tools that offer the same level of versatility and efficiency as InVideo that makes the platform the best in the lot. You might not have noted throughout that InVideo is a free tool with a paid version also available.

The point here is that you get some of this tool’s greatest and most exclusive features in its free version itself. So, there’s no need for you to switch to the paid plan. The tool is one marvel of a video editing platform serving as a boon for the ones into content creation and social media marketing.

It is the simplicity and the easy-to-use features of this platform that actually appeal to the users.

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