GPD Win Max can become the World’s smallest gaming laptop

Gaming laptops are the ones which are really heavy to handle with amazing graphics and also bulky. But GPD win max can bring revolution in the industry of gaming laptops.

This is portable as well as smallest in size as compare to other variants and possibly the one with no rivals.

Probably you are wondering about the powerful Acer and Asus laptops but this one is totally different. Now, let us discuss more about its features and price.

World’s Smallest Laptop GPD Win Max Specifications

This gaming console will support AAA titles like the new Ubisoft games. GPD Win max comes with an integrated controller with a bulit-in keyboard.

The company took thermodynamic process quite seriously and are giving dual cooling fans with two cooling pipes. This device also features a 512 GB SSD and many ports to connect the external media and display.

gpd win max featuresDiscussing hand-held gaming, recollect the gaming controller set up I referenced before? All things considered, that is available on every one of the upper corners of the gadget.

On the upper right corner, you will get the standard ABXY fastens alongside a simple thumbstick and on the upper left corner, there is a 4-way D-Pad with another simple stick. Aside from the standard thumbsticks and catches, the PC additionally has the L1-L2 and R1-R2 trigger catches on both the upper edges.


Along these lines, clients can utilize this coordinated controller arrangement to effectively mess around without the requirement for a gaming mouse, a gaming mouse tangle, or an extravagant RGB console.

Presently, the GPD Win Max is right now on the crowdfunding stage, Indiegogo.

Notwithstanding, it won’t be there for long as the battle is going to end in 3-4 days. In this way, in the event that you need the world’s littlest gaming PC, you can get one at a cost of 6038 HKD (~Rs 58,941) and it will contact you by one month from now.

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