Akamai NetSession Client | The Definitive Guide for Beginners

Akamai Netsession Client is like a download speed booster!

It is a special supporting character that comes into play whenever you download a huge file from the internet.

You had probably notice this before while checking for installed programs on your PC, but don’t know what it is capable?

What is Akamai Net Session and How it works?

As we discussed earlier, Akamai Netsession Client is an application software that increases the downloading and uploading speed on the Internet. It also improves the quality of video streaming and transfer of data online.

You can see the copyrights of this software while downloading a PDF file on your PC/Laptop. But you can also disable it by declining the permission.


  • Increased download speed
  • Supports SSL/HTTPS
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Fast Streaming

How Akamai Netsession client actually works-

The secret lies within its definition. Can you spot that? Okay! Let me explain it to you in the very basic form.

As it is used to transfer files from the internet, it checks for the previously updated version of the software and continues downloading after that without consuming extra data.

Got it! It only updates your files without re-downloading whole document. For example, you had downloaded a new game on your PC (suppose PUBG) and the next week it is asking you to update which requires 400 MB which was 1.5 GB when you first download that.

Working of Akamai Netsession Client

But now, the update is minor that is 400 MB that you can receive by updating, simple right. However, you were required to download whole 1.8 GB if Akamai Netsession was not working in that place.

Moreover, it is also helpful while downloading other games (here like PUBG) because most of the files are same.

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How to Install Akamai Netsession client on my PC?

You no need to worry about its installation as it already installed on your PC. As you know, this tool is used to increase overall download speed and makes our browsing more easy over the internet.

Whenever you install a new application on your laptop it asks for the permission, but maybe you didn’t recognize this as it appears for just a few moments. And you might click on the agree 👍 checkbox so you missed that.

Can you need to uninstall Akamai Netsession Client?

No! You don’t need to remove this because it’s not a malware or spyware that harms your device, it only improves your internet downloading speed.

Moreover, it is super secure with SSL security so you have nothing to lose with it but a lot of gain. But you can still remove if you want.

The option can be seen in your control panel like you uninstall other programs you can uninstall this too.

WiFi Connected but no internet

Some Hidden Statements

The Akamai Netsession is sending your system information constantly, but only the time when your computer is idle.

So, you may simply assume that this client is taking all information about your network browsing history on the Internet.

The Bottom Lines

Everything has some pros and cons and it’s great to assume that Nobody is Perfect but we should respect everyone.

Likewise any other programs, Akamai Netsession client has some pros and cons which you should consider while installing or uninstalling this.

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