How Can I find a person with just a picture?

How to search any person by image?

Had you ever see an internet sensation and unable to recognise him/her in the first place?

Or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed but not able to find the person with just a picture.

If this ever happens to you, then congratulations, you are Human. And I was also in the same situation before finding the method that works.

While searching for ways to find a person with just a picture, I come across these practical ways that can help in solving the query.

But before moving ahead, I have a question for you. Can you do a face search on google?

Let me answer at the end of this article!

How can I find a person by just a few images on the Internet

By doing Reverse Image Search on Google Images

Google face recognition is the best for searching unnatural objects like table, chair, scooter, cartoon etc.

  1. Go to and click on the little camera icon.reverse image search on Google images
  2. Upload the image or insert the URL from Facebook.Search Person by image using google search
  3. Click on search and wait for results.

Probably, this is the best way to identify a person in the image for free. Also, it becomes much easier when you are using the Google Chrome Browser.

Then you only need to right-click on the image and click on search Google for this image. If you are on Smartphone, you may need to long-press the image you want to search on google.

By using Yandex

  1. First of all, go to
  2. Then click on images icon.
  3. After that hit the camera button right after the Search button.Find Henry Ford on Yandex Search
  4. Finally, upload the image of persons you want to identify.

By Using Bing

Finding a person on Bing is so simple that even a 5-year-old kid can do this.

Find person by photo on Bing Search

You have to open Bing and click on the Google lens like icon right next to search bar.

Other Image Searching Sites

Social Mapper is a great tool to search person by image on the internet. It takes data from the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and other social medias.

If you know how to code then the repository is available at Github. You can easily manage this.

So, social profiles make it easier for reaching an unknown person quickly. Likewise, this application you may use Karma Decay to check out to find out photos and different artwork.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Google images should be the first place where you can search person by image. However, Yandex was the most effective when we tried other images too.

But I am leaving it on you, choose Google, Bing, Yahoo. Yandex, etc.

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