TiSPY – One Stop Solution to Track and Monitor Kid’s Activity

Technologies are an essential part of everyone nowadays. Especially kids are in constant touch with their mobile phones and the internet. These things are useful and important but if they are not used carefully then it can be very dangerous, risky and harmful. Parents have to be really careful and more responsible to protect their kid. Parents never want their children to get into any kind of trouble. Hence, they take a lot of steps that will keep their kid safe.

Parents set time limits on the usage of mobile phones and establish some rules regarding it. They talk with their kids and try to teach them regarding the harmful effects of mobile phones and internet on their physical and mental health. Parents also use a parental control app that ensures the safety of their kids. TiSPY is one such parental control app that makes the job of parents easier and simple.

There is a lot of parental control software available in the market. TiSPY is the parental control software that comes with all the necessary features that are required to keep your kids safe from the harmful effects of mobile phones and the internet. TiSPY is considered as the best parental control software because of the features like Track call logs, Track browsing history, Health Monitor, Location tracking and Geo-fencing, Calendar activity, Social media monitoring and many other. Parents can easily keep a track of all the activities done by kids on their mobile phones and internet with the help of TiSPY parental control app. This will help in keeping a close eye on kids and keeping them safe.

Features of TiSPY Parental Control App

Here are some of the features of TiSPY that makes it one of the best Parental control software:

1)    Track call logs

TiSPY call tracker

As the name suggests, parents can know the number of the caller or the person that is called. You can know their name if is registered under a name in the phonebook. This feature also allows you to know the duration of the call. Call tracking becomes important because there are recently a lot of fake and fraud calls. Children can be easily tricked and looted by these fraud calls. Parents can check the missed calls and also the call logs that are deleted from the phone. You can download the call recordings and all the details related to the call like time and duration of a call. All of these details are also sent to your registered email address.

2)    Track browser history

TiSPY Browser History Tracker

This feature allows parents to know each and every website that is visited by their kid on the browser. This will help parents to know what their kid is surfing and browsing about on the internet. Parents can view all the browsing history along the date and time of any specific website. They can also check how frequently a specific site is visited. The Internet has a lot of information but it also has bad things that can be harmful and dangerous for kids. So, it becomes important for parents to know what their kid is doing on the internet.

3)    Track and control websites

TiSPY website blocker

Parents can know which website is more frequently used by the kids. If there are any unwanted websites that parents think are not suitable for the kids then they can easily block them. If the kid is addicted to games and is playing games on his mobile phone throughout the day then parents can block that game and prevent their kid from playing it. This feature gives parents the complete control of all the application that is in the mobile phone.

4)    Live Features

TiSPY live scheduler

It is an amazing feature that helps in letting you know the exact location of a phone. It has the option of capturing live photo and with that, you can get the exact location and various other features.

5)    Keystroke logger

TiSPY Keylogger

It comes with real-time data synchronization so if any activity is performed on a keyboard, on a targeted device then it will instantly show up in the control panel. This way parents can keep a track of all the things that are done by kids.

6)    Health monitor

This feature allows parents to monitor the health of their children. Parents can know the total distance your kid walked throughout the day and also the number of calories they burnt by exercising. It will only work on the device that has supported sensor on it.

7)    Locate lost phone

TiSPY device tracker

It is the best feature that is very helpful if your phone is lost. When you access a play ring your phone will start to ring and it will not stop until and unless you unlock the phone. Hence if a phone is lost then you can easily trace it with the help of TiSPY parental control app.

8)    Calendar activity

If any specific activity is inserted into calendar then TiSPY will track all those activities. It captures all the meetings and reminder and monitors all the tasks that are created by the user in their device.

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