15 Websites to watch Bollywood movies online for Free


Want to watch Bollywood movies online for free without downloading? What if I say you can download your Game of Thrones too? Well, that sounds good!

So today we are going to give you a list of some hand-picked websites on which you can watch your favorite movie. So why we take time to choose if there are already too many options?


Why choosing is important?

Probably, there are millions of online streaming sites offering the same service but the problem arises when we start to watch any movie. A lot of ads suddenly appears and clasp our main screen that creates nuisance obstruction in our entertainment.

Most of all websites set up too many ads and several pop-ups in between the movie to earn handsome amount of money but the quality base user experience only worsens.

That’s why we tested all sites and after summing up we are giving you the best websites to watch Hindi movies online HD quality free and also you can download your movie whenever you want.

15 Best sites to watch Bollywood movies online for free without downloading –


If you watch live streaming of serials or sports on then surely you have listened about the hotstar app and website. Its usage is quite common among Indians.

Although providing telecast it also allows new releases Hindi movies watch online free without any extra charges. A special thing about Hotstar is that it supports a lot of languages as well.

watch bollywood movies onlineSo you can also watch any serial in your native language if available in the given options. You can simply download the app from Playstore/Appstore or you may visit the official website of Hotstar.

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This is another best site to watch new releases of Hindi bollywood movies to watch online for free and safe. After opening the homepage only you will realize that all best movies are in front of you.

worldfree4u online

You will find a list of all popular movies by just opening the website first screen whether it should Bollywood, Hollywood or South Indian.

Also, you can search for your film you want to download in the search box and several links will appear to download or watch Bollywood movie online. Choose the fastest one with the best quality to get the best experience and full enjoyment. If the website is not opening in your area then Use VPN


We can say that this is the all in one website on which you can watch Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies online in HD quality. Here you will get Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam movies.

download online hd movies in hindi

Also if you are a serial lover than this website is like a boon for you because there you will find almost all web series there like friends, Game of Thrones etc that you can download simply or watch online. Also, you can search for a missing movie and request them to upload.

But why waste time when you are already surrounded by a lot of options. Just use another website from our list and save time because time is money.


On this site, you will get a vast category of movies such as Action, Adventure, Animated, Crime, Comedy, Documentary, Science Fiction, Romantic, Punjabi etc. The user interface is pretty good for that site.

download online movies in hindi

Here you will also get South movies dubbed in Hindi with TV shows and seasons of web series. If you are a WWE fan then you definitely like that.

One more special thing regarding this is it offers DUAL audio videos to download and watch Hindi movies online HD quality free.


Yupptv is another site which offers new releases Hindi movies watch online free with the special facility of live TV shows in different audio formats. This is such a beautiful website where you can find almost every Bollywood movie and details about the upcoming.

download online movies in hindi

But only some movies are available for free users. Later it demands pass to unlock all features of yuppTV. That’s why this is quite unaffordable to some.


Hey had you played KBC play along? If yes then surely you had remembered that app but do you know that, this is itself a website too where you will find live TV shows, watch Hindi movies online HD quality, free TV shows, Sony channels, and other premium offerings if you are a premium user.

download online hd movies in hindi

You can also register on SonyLiv if you like the service but before purchasing premium version just take a quick tour and if you find it really interesting and entertaining then proceed to buy otherwise try another website which we are recommending under a lot of websites.


Another website to watch Bollywood movies online for free without downloading if you want to watch the latest Hollywood movies then also you can watch here.

download online hd movies in hindi

The website is very attractive and you will get almost every type of movies there from the action, adventure, Science Fiction to comedy, Fantasy, Drama movies. There is an option from where you can search all movies year wise that makes us feel good.

The secret thing is that you can request if you have not found you’re desired. Movie. One more thing to remember is that if you are facing issues in opening this site then make sure to use a VPN.


That’s one of the famous Indian movie websites which offers new releases Hindi movies watch online free of cost. And on that, you will find latest to oldest Bollywood, Hollywood or south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi.

watch hindi movies online hd

Even if you are an online serial lover then there will be a 98% chance that you will get the whole season of your web series from there at free of cost.

The best part about this is that it has a headline which is always running and making us aware of the trending movies. So if you are really looking for a new release then you will catch that on the front screen.


Another best website in our list which provides new Hindi movies online watch free full HD quality feature. The site is divided into Movies, Series, News, and People category. Also, request column is given where you can request for your movie or web series if you are unable to find.

hindi movies online hd quality

The best part about this website is that you can search for a particular hero or heroine movies and all details will be in your hands.

Almost all episodes of your web series are available free of cost with HD quality and best audio experience. If you face any problem regarding site opening then kindly apply VPN.


In our list of best sites to watch bollywood movies online in HD quality free Hindimoviesonline.com is another rival but it is a very old site and it asks for payment sometimes. So its UI is not very familiar to new generation users.

releases hindi movies watch online

Also, you can buy the CD of the movie, DVD of Mythological, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies. One important point regarding this website is that it provides Gifts and collectibles for its registered users and also organize a sales season for everyone in which you too can participate and got your DVD at very cheaper rates.


The very beautiful website which shows movies according to their rating around the world means highest rated movie appear first and other famous movies follow sequence up to the end.

movies online hd quality free

After applying the filter you can also search movies by release years, most viewed, most popular and also by their IMDB rating.

Most probably this site would open in your country but if you are unable to open then same advice again for you, kindly use VPN.


Like Voot and Hotstar, Snagfilms also has an app which is available on Google Play Store and on AppStore as well. This is a forum where you can watch Hindi movies online HD quality free without any sign-up or payment.

movies online hd quality free

The UI is quite interesting and probably you will not face any difficulty regarding the working of this website and it also offers the different genre of movies and web series to select.


As the name suggests, you will get all types of modern movies in HD quality for watching as well as downloading. The UI for this website is quite interesting and maybe you stick to that and make it as your bookmark.

movies online hd quality free

The website reminds another famous website which also allows watching online movies but that category movie is not to watch with family but with someone other. If you know what I mean then comment below the website whom I am talking about?

Probably you will get Hollywood movies there with a lot of TV shows and you can also select the quality such as under 300 MB or 1.00 GB.


This is one of the renowned websites where you would find not only a massive variety of Bollywood movies to watch online too. Here you will get Most popular hits of all time on the homepage.

watch hindi movies online

You can select the language among 9 Indian languages with English as an option and in a genre, you can select action, comedy, crime, devotional etc. Here you can also choose the decade to find particular era movies.

Nowadays you can also watch TV on that with that of music videos.


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